“I got access to my voice, to speak clearly and confidently from both my head and my heart. The space was inspiring and the tools were incredible – I know I will use them for the rest of my life! I suggest you sign up early!” PW, Foundations Weekend Participant, Spring 2020

Why Speaking with Soul?

Being able to speak powerfully is a prerequisite of leadership.

Today, more people are stepping forward, wanting to use their voices to communicate ideas of change and become speakers and leaders.

But doing it well is not easy, which is why we created Speaking with Soul.

Succeeding as a speaker is about the power of your message and how you own the space, whether that space is a boardroom, a community hall, a classroom or a stage.

Speaking with Soul will move you, equip you and transform you. It will provide you with a safe space to find your true voice, to get clear on what you really want to say and why and to learn how to truly own the space and hold an audience in the palm of your hand.

Whether you want to show up more powerfully at work, in your volunteering, as a communicator or even hone your skills for the stage as a professional speaker, Speaking with Soul is for you.

You’ll come away not only a better speaker, but clearer on your purpose, and how to deliver it with soul.

And you’ll learn the most powerful of all lessons: how to wrap form and structure around passion and vulnerability so that you can inspire others.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to use their voice to lead and inspire others.

Previous attendees have included business leaders, community leaders, entrepreneurs, actors, students or simply people looking to get more confident in front of an audience.