Owning the Stage Masterclass

If you have completed the Foundations Weekend, you have begun to experience the power of your voice and your ability to connect and move audiences in a whole new way. It’s now time to refine your mastery of the art of speaking and give you the tools to truly own the stage, and your audience.

The Owning the Stage Masterclass builds on the tools and experience of the Foundations Weekend, and is only open to graduates of the weekend.

The purpose of the Masterclass is to equip you with your own, 20-minute TED-style talk. Over a period of four weeks, you will work with your coaches to craft, build, refine and shine your speech.

You’ll start with your why, and then apply what you learnt during the Foundations weekend and use your voice, your body, the stage, emotion, humour, language and so much more to create the speech of your life.

And then over the two day intensive, you will present it, and then go straight to the “hot-seat” to learn from your coaches in a real-time feedback session.

The Masterclass ends with you presenting your speech to a room of people you don’t know, with the goal of owning that stage, enrolling your audience and seeing yourself present and speak in a way that will surprise and delight you.

During the Masterclass you will:

  • Receive personalized and expert coaching as you build, write, edit and refine your own 20 minute TED-style talk
  • Learn how you can use language tricks and tips throughout your speech to accentuate your impact
  • Work with Jon to perfect your stage presence and ownership
  • Have a chance to do a “dress rehearsal” of  your talk from the stage, in front of your fellow Masterclass members (and a camera!)
  • Get into the “Hot-Seat” immediately after your speech and receive immediate and detailed Masterclass-level feedback – all of which will be filmed
  • Take your talk into the real world, and present to an audience you don’t know, alongside other speakers!

Masterclass Format

To fit with your schedule, the Masterclass is mostly delivered remotely. We have one full day together during the course, and then the finale presentation evening.

Proceedings begin with a one-on-one video call with Jon to build on your work from the Foundations course and get clear on the subject and framework for your speech.

You will then have two weeks to do a written draft which your coaches will review.

Next step is a full day session with the other Masterclass participants. You will present your speech to the room and go straight into the “Hot Seat” for a filmed feedback session with Jon.

You will then have a short period to integrate the feedback before the Grand Finale evening where you present the final version of your speech on stage in front of an audience you don’t know.

Price and Registration

We believe in the power of this work and that it should be accessible to all. As such, we are proud to offer the Owning the Stage Masterclass as “Pay What You Can”. This means that if finances are a barrier, then you don’t have to worry about not being able to participate.

If you are able to afford it, a suggested price is $250-$300.

Regardless of how much you pay, you will receive:

  • Personalized email welcoming you to the program
  • The first personalized, pre-session video call to develop the framework and subject for your speech
  • Full access to the coaches during the period while you are writing your first draft
  • Personalized analysis and feedback from the coaches on your first draft, looking at elements including language, structure, storytelling, enrolment, call to action, and your personal communication style and hook
  • A second personalized video call with the coaches to review this feedback
  • A one-day session where you will deliver your speech and then get straight into the “Hot Seat” with Jane & Jon for feedback
  • A Grande Finale – the chance to present your speech in front of an audience you don’t know
  • Expert coaching, training and guidance during the Masterclass
  • Your own video of you speaking to take away and continue to practice
  • Your own Masterclass video of your Speaking with Soul coaches providing you with feedback and tips on your speech
  • Personalized follow-up from your coaches

The next Owning the Stage Masterclass will take place in the Spring 2020. Places will be limited. Graduates who are interested in joining this cohort should send an email to speakingwithsoulwksp@gmail.com to register their interest.